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Tackling bureaucratic inefficiency, the EGC recommends streamlining processes for small businesses employing fewer than 10 people, faster application and permitting approvals, improving courts’ efficiency in areas such as contract enforcement, extending the hours to process more matters, and simplifying import-export procedures.To keep assets from remaining dormant, which generates only small returns and does not contribute to jobs or employment, the EGC advises implementing mechanisms that promote greater utilization of these assets to induce economic growth.— Photo: Stan Aron for World Investment News “Economic growth and fiscal responsibility are not mutually exclusive,” says the EGC, which recommends a successor arrangement to the IMF’s economic support program, enhancing the credibility and flexibility of the exchange rate regime, and pursue debt for asset swaps in order to accelerate Jamaica’s rate of debt reduction by 2 or 3 percentage points.The EGC recognizes insecurity in Jamaica as having deterred investment, destroyed capital formation, and discouraged business development.

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But after decades of slow and sometimes negative growth, the country is taking a strategic turn, with plans to leverage its countless other strengths — including its key geographic location and the largest English-speaking workforce in the Caribbean — to transform, diversify and strengthen its economy.He added, “We may not all be rich, but no one has to be poor.” In September 2016, the EGC published a set of policy recommendations known as the eight Growth Initiatives with the ambitious objective of reaching 5% annual economic growth by 2020, known as the “5 in 4.” “The seeming inability to achieve appreciable levels of economic growth now threatens the social fabric of Jamaica,” said EGC Chairman Michael Lee Chin, recognizing the urgency of a profound economic reform.Prime Minister Andrew Holness in a meeting with World Investment News CEO Pascal Belda and World Investment News Vice President of Sales Stephanie Huertas at the Prime Minister’s offices in Kingston, in April 2016.Entendiendo la salud desde un punto de vista global.

Salud es mantener un equilibrio entre las diferentes estructuras del cuerpo.Biomecánica: Para los mas apasionados al deporte este aspecto es de gran importancia, ya que una mala biomecánica en el deporte significa no poder llegar a conseguir los sueños por los que tanto luchan diariamente.ttracting over two million visitors a year, Jamaica has among the strongest and most diversified tourism products in the Caribbean region.Por eso contamos con un equipo multidisciplinar, cada uno de ellos especialista en su materia: Fisioterapia y Osteopatía: Serán los encargados de mantener el cuerpo libre de dolores, molestias o limitaciones.