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“I love Brody, and she’s so sweet,” the mother of three — who dated the notorious ladies’ man back in 2006 — told Entertainment Tonight about Mr. “So I’m really, really happy for them.” The So Cal gal added: “It’s such an exciting time in both of their lives and I know Linda, his mom, loves her, so she must be so excited.And so I just think it’s awesome.” Warms our fuzzy hearts to hear these cast members say nice and compassionate things about each other — instead of “drama, drama, drama.” Be sure to offer your congratulatory messages to the soon-to-be Mr. Brody Jenner in the comments — and for a funny Hills rewind, watch K-Cav and Brody cozy up to each other in da club (much to the disgust of Brody’s then quasi-ladylove Jayde).Note: Stephanie and Lo do not appear in this episode.Kristin, Audrina, Holly, Lo, and Stephanie all agree to Spencer and Heidi from their lives for good after Spencer picks a fight with Audrina at a club and then nearly melts down when Brody confronts him and says he'll kick Spencer's ass if he doesn't shut up. Brody and Kristin hook-up before deciding to stay single.The Hills focuses on the lives of Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, Heidi Montag, and Stephanie Pratt.After receiving widespread criticism after having ten cosmetic surgery procedures in one day, Montag unveils the results to her family.Lo, Stephanie, and Audrina confront Kristin about her partying ways after a rocky Super Bowl weekend in Miami.

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Fans and critics widely declared it to be the worst season of the series, as the "reality" portion of its reality-TV genre became strained and the scripted stories were seen as increasingly ridiculous, along with the general unhappiness with Kristin Cavallari as the show's "lead character" instead of Lauren.Note: This episode marks Heidi and Spencer's final appearance on the series, though Heidi continues to receive star billing for the remainder of the season. Note: Stephanie is now credited as a main cast member.Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing Lo's sorority sister Mc Kaela. It's Audrina's birthday and the gang, including Justin, board a boat at Marina Del Ray to celebrate.Lo weighs whether or not to take the next step with her boyfriend, and Stephanie, for the first time, believes that she's found true happiness.

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Note: In the final scene, Brody sees Kristin off to Europe.

Kristin blames Stephanie for the rumors about drug use with some egging on from Brody, leading an angry Stephanie to deny her accusations and say there are a lot of people who notice Kristin's behavior before walking away from her. Heidi reveals her surgically-enhanced new self to her horrified friends.

May 13, 2016. Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner may have shared a teary and tense hug in a studio lot front of the Hollywood sign during that unforgettable Hills finale relive the epic moment below — but nearly six years later, the. PICS Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Make Out During A Cute AF Valetine's Date.… continue reading »

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Audrina starts dating her old friend, Ryan Cabrera, when Justin shows interest in being a part of her life once again. Brody meets McKaela Line, and the two begin to date and upset Kristin with their public affection towards each other. Later, McKaela brings her friend Allie Lutz around with her, much to Kristin's disapproval.… continue reading »

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February 2018. Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.… continue reading »

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May 14, 2009. I was dating Brody Jenner and Spencer was Brody's best friend. I had known Heidi when she was friends with Lauren when we were still filming Laguna Beach. Heidi was like, 'Hook me up with someone. I wanna meet a guy.' And Brody and I were kinda like, 'Well, maybe Spencer?' We'll see what.… continue reading »

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