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SOME years ago at an adult Bible study I gave a lesson on “How the Christian Church became German.” In a German Reformed Church that might seem a bit “chauvinistic.” What I had in mind was the invasion of the Roman Empire by the Germanic tribes beginning in 376 A. when the Goths crossed the lower Danube and culminating with the fall of Rome in 476.But while the Germans conquered the Roman Empire, the Christian Church converted the Germans.A father has blasted a 'cash-strapped' council that dragged him and his pregnant wife to court for trimming a protected tree, only for prosecutors to drop the case.Luigi Nicoletta, 38, claims he forked out £5,000 in legal costs after he was accused of 'wounding' a 35ft poplar protected by a tree preservation order (TPO).Most of us who read this have cut our Reformed teeth and were made to chew on this meaty instructor in the German Reformed Church in the U. But among those of us in the Reformed Church in the U. who were nurtured on the Heidelberg, a considerable number are not only German but are known also as German-Russians. In the 1897 census in Russia 3.6 percent of all the German-Russians were Reformed. The Eureka Classis in 1915 showed 1,186 confirmed members and in 1935 1,406. Today the RCUS shows a confirmed membership of 3,160. And it was some of these pastors who labored among the German-Russian congregations of the Eureka Classis convincing them to maintain their doctrine and their congregations against the compromising unionism of the mergers.

'The tree work undertaken by Mr Nicoletta clearly exceeded the specified consent that was granted.

Mr Nicoletta, from Sutton, south west London, said: 'It felt like a witch hunt.

They showed no mercy whatsoever.'I just feel utter disbelief that a cash-strapped council, like others up and down the country, couldn't find a better use of resources than to prosecute a hard-working family like us.'There are so many better ways the money could be spent.

Sitting in that court like a proper crook was the lowest I've ever felt in my life.'I was sat there in the defence box where rapists, paedophiles and killers have sat.' In March 2017 the couple received a letter saying the work had gone above and beyond what was permitted and eight months later were summoned to court.

Luigi, a senior manager at a tax firm, said: 'We spoke to the council, agreed what could be done and the tree surgeon went ahead with the work.

I was happy with it.'In March we received a letter from the council saying that they'd checked the work and claimed we went above and beyond what we were allowed to do.